Escape Rooms in Stockport


Based in Stockport


1 Hour to Escape


2 – 6 People per Team


Use Your Brain!

We have several packages for you to choose what is right for your group

Quick and easy, book individual hour slots easily

If you have a question, we have probably answered it

Can you escape the puzzle rooms? Each room has its own unique theme and twist. Situated in the South of Manchester, in the heart of Stockport easily accessible from the train and bus services.

Each team can be made up of 2-6 people using nothing more than the power of your brain. We offer different packages for groups and food options too. Please call or email for more details.

Please note, for live actors we require 1 weeks notice.

Free Parking

30 Second Walk from the A6

Bar Facilities

Rooms Available

Can you help Willy Wonka save easter?

A wild umpa lumpa has broken into the chocolate factory and stolen an easter bunny and his production line is in jeopardy!

You are part of W.U.S.S. (Wonkas Umpa lumpa Sekret Service).
can you rescue the easter bunny in time?



Chemistry Lab

Disaster has struck our lab in the north west!!!!! We have lost contact with the lab and the bioweapon has been released. We do know the labs quarantine protocol has been activated. We need you to locate Victor Chan and his superior Dr Frank N Stein. They were working on a cure to the bio-weapon that was being developed. You need to find the cure and what happened.



Little Shower of Horrors

Please note Strictly adults only 18+ Years of age.
Intense horror escape room: you  awake to find yourself in the pitch black chained up. A series of puzzles awaits you and your group, you either all escape or none of you do.



Game of Spy’s

After spending 4 years in prison, and gaining a doctorate in biological chemistry. Victor chan has come up with the plans of a new biological weapon. Can you prove that he has passed this information on to the Russians! We will need you to recover any information he may have alredy given.



Pirate Cove

Come and explore the pirates cove! Find the key to the treasure chest by solving fun and exciting puzzles. Recommended ages 7 years and up. Must have 1 adult accompany them in the room at all times.



Menu for disaster

A chef named Victor chan has been sacked from his job after 3 years. He gets angry and continues to get even more angry so he builds a bomb. Can you disarm the bomb before it goes off !